Why IMPACT comes first

Welcome to a little blog series unpacking the logic of the Go Get Em card game! This post is the first in a series of five, discussing what makes the game what it is, and hopefully we'll learn a little something about running a micro-business along the way!

So we need to start by talking about what business actually is. We're going right back to the fundamentals. At its core, business is an exchange - a swap. I have something of value, and you have something of value. When we trade, we both get something new and different, that we didn't have before - and that we maybe couldn't have made ourselves. This process gives everybody access to stuff they didn't have access to before - when it is done ethically and justly.

Which, sadly and frustratingly, it very rarely has been. Many exchanges of value that we see and experience are not treated with that principle of being equal. Often, there is ultimately a 'winner' and a 'loser'. We all know what it's like to feel ripped off - digging a little deeper, that's really a feeling of injustice, of sensing that we have been taken advantage of. At best, this can be as simple as someone charging just a bit too much for something that cost them very little to make. At worst, we're talking about entire systematic operations designed to extract the very lifeblood out of people in order to sustain the greed of a corporation's executives.

As if all that isn't bad enough, it's not just people that have lost out by bad business practices - the earth itself is losing out, too. Generations of ripping carbon out of the earth and burning it has left us in a dire situation, where we have turned the very air we breathe into an oven, trapping the otherwise life-giving heat from the sun inside our atmosphere.

It's for these reasons, and so many more that capitalism deserves every last bit of the criticism it receives - and I say that as a proponent of that fundamental idea of exchanging value. Unrestrained capitalism has given us enough rope to hang ourselves, as the expression goes.

If we are to create positive change for ourselves, then that must start with an intention to create positive change for the world around us, too. Nothing exists in isolation - and your business won't, either. That is why IMPACT comes first. It forces us to introspect, to ask the question of what legacy we want to leave the world with. And everything else that our business / micro-business / self-made job becomes will start with that. Impact is the fertile soil that just maybe something awesome will be able to grow out of.

For me, right now, I hate that poverty and disadvantage holds people down. Like a chain anchoring them to the bottom of a well, it traps them in generational cycles of lacking, that no human deserves to experience. So that is the area of impact I have chosen to target for the moment. I have a theory that together, we can lift people out of systemic poverty, and maybe even have a little fun doing it.

So what's your chosen IMPACT? What legacy do you want to leave in the world?

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