Where does your money go?

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

A fundamental part of Go Get Em's ethos as a social enterprise is to be run ethically and sustainably; which means being transparent and accountable.

So here it is. This is where your hard-earned dollars go when you choose Go Get Em.

*Exact percentages will vary depending on a number of factors, as these figures are based off of projections, and don't take into account discounts applied, un-budgeted costs, etc.

Well that's it, you've seen the chart, show's over!

No, of course I'm going to explain a bit further. Here's a breakdown of what the pretty picture means:

Nett Profit - Investors

"Go Get Em" has been supported by a small group of amazing people, who have helped this social enterprise become what it is. "Go Get Em" helps them in return, by distributing a slice of this venture's success back to them in the form of dividends.

Nett Profit - Business

Once everything else has been paid for, this is the bit that 'Go Get Em' gets to keep. Currently, our Nett Profits are being used in to fund future growth of the business. We have some pretty cool ideas about where this idea could be heading, and achieving them is gonna require some cash dollars!


Go Get Em, like every business, does not exist in isolation. Our existence is owed first and foremost to living in a safe society; one where it is safe to create and sell products, to trust in other institutions like the post to get them where they need to go, to rely on the fact that our activity won't be stopped or impeded by violence - the list goes on.

It is our pleasure and joy to pay the taxes we owe as a result; as it should be for every business in existence.


Just as our business doesn't exist in isolation, neither does our cause. Go Get Em donates 7.5 percent of our revenues to local micro-enterprises. Each quarter, anybody can submit their idea for a micro-business to start, and the quarterly winner will receive this donation to help them get underway!

(Follow the instructions in the card game to go in the draw!).

Printing Costs

This one's fairly self-explanatory; The Go Get Em Card Game is printed on paper. Paper costs money.

Together, the printing and donations make up Go Get Em's 'Variable Costs'; the costs that directly depend on your business' sales volume.

Fixed Costs

This is a collection of other expenses that running a business like Go Get Em just requires, even before we've sold a single thing.

Registering your business, creating a website, and other administrative costs are all considered 'Fixed Costs', because they don't change based on your sales volume.

But wait... Where are your Labour Costs?

Go Get Em currently has no employees - just a hard-working founder! This will change as the venture grows, but for now, that is the reality.

So there you have it! What stood out to you? Did you learn anything?

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