How to Play

The deck comes like this. There's a ribbon around the main game cards. The cards on top contain some info about the game, we definitely recommend giving those a read before starting.

Set the info cards aside and take the ribbon off the main deck. Keep it face-down, and don't shuffle!

The first player draws the top card and reads the question. Who goes first? I dunno, you're probably adults, or close enough - figure it out!

Once the question has been read, all players write their answer on a scrap piece of paper, and submit them face-down to the player who asked the question (they sit out for this question). We recommend a 10-second time limit for answering the question - don't overthink it!



The player who read the question then distributes the answers randomly in front of each other player. Each player then sequentially reads the answer that's in front of them - it may or may not be the one they wrote.

The player who read the question counts to 3, and on 3, everyone points at their favourite answer - including the player who read the question. The answer with the most votes wins, and:

-The player who wrote it keeps the question card, as a tally marker

-Their answer is recorded on the answer card. There are three answer cards in the pile of 'info cards' we mentioned earlier.

In the event of a tie, 

Play then proceeds with the next player reading the next question card, and the same process repeating. This goes on until your group has answered all the questions!

Scattered throughout the deck are some special action cards, like this one. When these cards come up, the player who revealed one immediately does what it says, and their turn to answer a question is skipped.

When you get to the end of the game, the winner is the one who has the most question cards - the player whose answers most consistently won the votes! In the event of a tie, it looks like you have a business partner!