Life-changing fun.

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Supporting Local Micro-Businesses

So you played Go Get Em - thanks! We hope you had a great time! Oh but the fun is really just beginning!

Go Get Em supports local micro-businesses by gifting 7.5% of its quarterly revenues to one! Every quarter! Just like that! When it comes to helping someone create their own job, a little can go a very long way.


To go in the running to receive this quarter's prize, simply:

  1. Message us on one of our social media channels, or by email. Links are <-- that way!

  2. In your message, tell us in less than 150 words:

    1. The idea that your play-through of Go Get Em led to​

    2. How the money could help you make a start on the idea

    3. A goal you'd like to achieve by the end of three months

  3. That's it! We'll get back to you as soon as we can - it's our pleasure to offer our encouragement to everybody setting out on their own self-employment adventure!​


We take a lot of notice when someone has: a) a cool idea, and b) a specific plan for how to make it happen! ;)