Poverty and Disadvantage


"Go Get Em" is a social enterprise targeted at alleviating poverty and disadvantage - the all too common experience of surviving on an income so low as to be unsustainable.

Sustained employment has un-matched power to pull those affected by disadvantage out of poverty. Here is the problem: the very people that disadvantage affects most, are often the least able to acquire sustainable, gainful and meaningful employment. So what if we could change that?

What if we could empower everybody to be able to create their own job?

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Nathan here! Currently, I'm it!

Go Get Em is my first social enterprise, of, hopefully, many. Starting social enterprises is my passion and dream, which flows out of my desire to have a go at making this world a better place

Born in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales,

Raised in Hobart, Tasmania

business school graduate from the University of Western Australia


The Artwork

Go Get Em wears the cultural artwork of the land on which it was born - Boorloo / Perth, Western Australia - thanks to local indigenous artist Jade Penangke! Learn more about Jade and her work here.

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